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Hey guys!
I don't know if anyone reads this community anymore, but I thought I would post this anyway.
I've noticed a serious lack of Clay/Stopframe icons, so I made some :)
Just comment & credit if you take.

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Sorry for the lack of variety. I didn't have much to work with. Just Youtube videos :/
Anyway, enjoy!

the mountain goats

Anyone still in here? x]
Newcomer with art. Just a doodle gone serious of my almost-favorite character, Clay. 
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Hopefully this comm isn't too dead x]' Though I guess it's my own fault for getting into it when it's already over...

I Drew Something Today.
Self Pic

This is part of a fancomic I'm currently working on and hosting at Deviant Art Check it out if you feel like it. :)

Come at a Bad Time
Fandom: Moral Orel
Pairing: ClayxStopframe
Rating: PG-13 for Violence and Suicide
Disclaimer: You know the drill with Orel. The song is The New Pornographers' Adventures in Solitude (thought it would fit in with the awesome-indie-rock trend Orel has; I could totally see something from them being played on the show if it was allowed to go on)
Notez: This is from my DA account. It's shaky, but I still like it and I think it's a good cheery way to start of the community :D
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Let's get this started right: eight overly flowery Moral Orel icons! From episodes Innocence, Alone and Honor. If these guys whet your whistle, feel free to give me shout-outs for episodes or characters you'd like to see... iconified.
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