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Moral Orel was created by collaborators Dino Stamatopoulos, Scott Adsit and Jay Johnston premiering in December of 2005, where it ran on Adult Swim until December of 2008. With its character-driven plots and unique style, the show becomes increasingly deep and introspective especially in its later seasons, varying wildly from its original intentions, going from, to quote IMDb, "South Park meets Davey and Goliath" to a surprisingly thought-provoking and at times extremely emotionally complex series. In the months following its final episode, Moral Orel has been working on garnering a well-deserved, if small, base of cult followers, which will hopefully grow with the help of this community, and it has helped deserving musical artists such as The Mountain Goats, Io Perry and the Choir Practice into the public's attention.
Feel free to post fanart, fanfiction, icons, discussions, et cetera-- whatever your heart desires, to show your support for Dino and his fantastic show.